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Pete B.

This is our story. Read it. Pay attention. Learn from it.

In the past, We have been apart of other home purchasing situations involving family members, company property exchanges, estate sales and foreclosures of family members homes and many other situations in the housing market, All of which have proven themselves as very stressful situations. The last thing I was honestly looking for was the stress of purchasing a home or even being involved in one with family members.

This is where our AMAZING realtor Allie Vasquez come’s in. We have never had such an easy, stress free, and smooth process on any aspect of any major purchasing as we did with Allie. I purchased furniture which proved to be harder and more stressful than dealing with Allie and her amazing skills in this industry. I can’t imagine what this process would of been like without her and her assistance.

Allie took the time to show us many homes, which included dragging some extended family along as well, and made sure she allowed us enough time to see the entire property and critique what we liked/didn’t like about each of them. I feel like she actually listened to us when others wouldn’t of and took what she was given, a very specific set of needs/requirements and found our family the perfect home.

I am in the customer service industry myself and I have never seen someone who is so pleasant, warm heart-ed yet professional and firm as Allie. It is hard to really speak to her skill’s as a realtor and her sincerity as a person. To be honest, I really can’t, I think for you to get the full scope of how perfect this experience was… You should use Allie Vasquez as your Realtor, as your Family member through this process. We did and will never use anyone else ever again.